“Sociology in the spirit of materialism” (Lectures of academy member A.S. Lappo-Danilevskiy)

Мalinov А.В.

St.-Petersburg State University, St.-Petersburg, Russia a.v.malinov@gmail.com

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Мalinov А.В. “Sociology in the spirit of materialism” (Lectures of academy member A.S. Lappo-Danilevskiy). Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2015. No 8. P. 142-152


Basing on A.S. Lappo-Danilevskiy manuscript “Scientific bases of sociology in their historical development” (1911) an analysis is made of the views of this academic on materialistic current in sociology – that of Marxist sociology. Lappo viewed Marxism as a kind of ‘nomothetic approach’ in social sciences assuming that historical materialism in its dogmatic version had exhausted its capabilities. A perspective for this current he saw in transformation of materialistic approach on the basis of recognizing the role of ideas in history, of psychological and epistemological analysis.

А.S. Lappo-Danilevskiy; materialism; nomothetic method; Marxism and sociology
Content No 8, 2015