Crucial theoretical and methodological aspects of Russian modernization studies

Lapin N.I.

Corresponding Member of RAS, Chief Rresearcher, Head of thе Center for Sociocultural Changes Studies, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia

ID of the Article: 5022

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Lapin N.I. Crucial theoretical and methodological aspects of Russian modernization studies. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2015. No 1. P. 5-10


The paper is a theoretical and methodological introduction to the series of articles to be published in ‘Sociological Studies’ and aimed at the state and issues of socioeconomic and socio-cultural components of modernization in various regions of key Russian federal districts. Charactieristics of modernization as a process of civilization in the twenty-first century is demonstrated by four component parts and six states (types) of modernization of regions. Imbalance of modernization processes and trends in the Federal districts are shown. Stages of integrated strategy modernization of Russian regions and minimax-strategy of enhancing the well-being of the population are argued for.

component parts of modernization, state of modernization, integrated modernization, stages of modernization, minimax-strategy, improvement of well being of the population
Content No 1, 2015