Secular or post-secular world: verifying conceptions

Secular or post-secular world:
verifying conceptions

Andreeva L.A.

Prof., Ph.D., Dr. Sc. Leading researcher, Institute of Africa, Center for Civilization and Regional Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Andreeva L.K.

K.G. Razumovskiy Moscow State University for Technologies and Management, Moscow, Russia

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Andreeva L.A., Andreeva L.K. Secular or post-secular world: verifying conceptions. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2015. No 3. P. 82-88


The paper deals with verification of two key concepts describing development of Western world with important role assigned to religion: theory of secular world and concept of “post-secular” world. Sociological data of “World Values Studies”, 2009 wave, confirm main conclusion of classical secularization theory as applied to “old” Europe, while disclaiming “post-secular society” concept.

secularization; post-secular society; verification; values; WVS
Content No 3, 2015