Institutional barriers and education accessibility mechanisms
conception and regional dynamics

Оsipov А.М.

Dr. Sci. (Sociol.), Prof., The A.I. Hertzen Russian State Pedagogical University, Saint-Petersburg, Cief Researcher, The Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University, Veliky Novgorod, Russia

Мatveeva N.А.

Altai State pedagigic University, Barnaul, Russia

ID of the Article: 5580

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Оsipov А.М., Мatveeva N.А. Institutional barriers and education accessibility mechanisms: conception and regional dynamics. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2015. No 7. P. 37-48


The article is devoted to the problem of educational inequality reproduction. The authors refer to domestic and foreign sociological studies of education research developing their own concept of major mechanisms that provide reproduction of inequality through public education, as well as institutional barriers hampering access to quality education. Basing on empirical research from 2000–2013, they reveal regional trends in the reproduction of educational inequality and institutional barriers in the area of general upper secondary education. Also strategies are proposed for state educational policy to eliminate educational inequality through social interactions.

educational inequality; access to education; quality of education; institutional barriers; state educational policy
Content No 7, 2015