Contemporary slave-trade traffic
causes, results, prevention

Svad’bina T.V.

Koz’ma Minin Nizhniy-Novgorod State Pedagogic University

Nemova O.A.

Koz’ma Minin Nizhniy-Novgorod State Pedagogic University

Pakina T.A.

N.A. Dobroliubov Nizhniy-Novgorod State Linguistic University

ID of the Article: 5965

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Svad’bina T.V., Nemova O.A., Pakina T.A. Contemporary slave-trade traffic: causes, results, prevention. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2014. No 2. P. 43-48


The paper discusses basic forms, scope, and ways of recruiting victims of international traffic (slave trade). Reasons for its active spread in the territories of the former USSR and in the world are shown Analysis of spiritual issues of contemporary consumption society and accentuated as favorable environment for further growth of the above asocial phenomenon.

traffic; prostitution; youth labor market; asocial behavior; family; spiritual and moral values; traffic prophylactics
Content No 2, 2014