Negative “other” in Russian emigrants’ blogs
on the question of identity making in discourse

Kresova N.А.

Granada University, Granada, Spain, Marie Curie Cofund/Estonian Research Council, Tartu University, Tartu, Estonia

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Kresova N.А. Negative “other” in Russian emigrants’ blogs: on the question of identity making in discourse. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2015. No 6. P. 116-125


The image of negative «other» plays an important role in enhancing positive self-representation of individuals and groups. Identity-enhancing strategies gain particular importance in case of social groups that are positioned “in-between”. The paper analyzes «out-group» as identified by Russian bloggers living abroad. Their negative other is represented by groups of emigrants who, in opinion of online Journal’s authors, break rules of correct behavior. Criticizing one of such groups – “My People” – they may enhance their social identity positioning themselves as trusted members of national and cultural majorities of both their adoptive country as well as that of their homeland.

negative other; threatened identities; small-discourses; migrants; blogging
Content No 6, 2015