Development of ideas about body practices in social science

Gol’man Е.А.

National research institute ‘Higher school of economics’, Moscow, Russia

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Gol’man Е.А. Development of ideas about body practices in social science. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2014. No 10. P. 127-136


The paper discusses prospects analysis of the body practices with the help of concepts “body techniques”, “technologies of the self” and “body pedagogic”. Detailed classification of the body techniques is developed. All three concepts appear to be relevant to different levels of analysis of the body practices. While the concept of “body techniques” describes full range of ways of using the body and working upon it, “body pedagogic” explains institutional channels of transmission of specific techniques, “technologies of the self” is relevant for studying motivation and values of engagement in the work upon the body.

sociology of the body; body techniques; technologies of the self; body pedagogic
Content No 10, 2014