On the structure of sociology of law (areas of research in Russian academia)

Birykov S.V.

F.М. Dostoevskiy Omsk state university, Omsk, Russia svbir@mail.ru

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Birykov S.V. On the structure of sociology of law (areas of research in Russian academia). Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2015. No 9. P. 111-120


Certain fragmentation in existing texts about sociology of law is stated and some ways of systematizing this subject are discussed on the basis of general sociology and jurisprudence texts. Author’s classification assesses as promising issues related to scope of law, “society and law”, forms of law, kinds of legal activities, interaction of law with public system, with system of culture, and personality system. Close interconnection of sociology of law with such areas as “law and economy”, “law and politics”, “law and religion”, anthropology of law and etc. is argued for. The analysis permitted to describe prospects for developing this discipline in Russia, to distinguish such subjects of study that emerge now (sociology of international law, sociology of non-legal law, sociology of “actual” law, sociology of administrative activity, sociology of implementation law by citizens and organizations and etc.). The review allowed to assess meanings (functions) of sociology of law and opportunities for its functioning within the framework of sociology and jurisprudence.

sociology of law; science subject; official law; social law; law and economics; law and culture; anthropology of law; law and society
Content No 9, 2015