Migration processes in the Russian Far East
sociological estimation

Zausaev V.K.

Far Eastern Research Institute of Market Economy, Khabarovsk, Russia zausaev_inst@mail.ru

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Zausaev V.K. Migration processes in the Russian Far East: sociological estimation. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2015. No 11. P. 74-79


This article presents a study of problems of forming sustainable demographic potential in the south of the Russian Far East. Territory of this region displays real challenges to economy and infrastructure isolating the region from the rest of Russia. In the period of market reforms negative factors gained strength forming a stable negative migration balance. Far Eastern Research Institute of Market Economy investigated main factors for migration of local residents of model place (Khabarovsk city) using sociological estimations. More complex conditions of life are not compensated by the state. Primary objective here is retention of standard residential population by providing institutional actions that can form a developed economy and good living environment.

resident population; degree of rootedness; depressing factors; migratory sentiments; comfortable environment
Content No 11, 2015