Interaction of the population and local government
problems and new opportunities

Frolova E.V.

Dr. Sci. (Sociol.), professor of the Department of Management and Administration of the Russian State Social University, Moscow, Russia

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Frolova E.V. Interaction of the population and local government: problems and new opportunities. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2016. No 4. P. 59-64


Basing on expert opinions of municipal bodies top officials and also results of population polls the main problems in interactions of citizens and local government are analyzed. Directions of municipal activity of the population are: estimate, organization and control. The author offers mechanisms which provide reductions of level of estrangement in interactions of the population and municipal bodies top officials.

municipal communities; local power bodies; municipal activity of the population; public control
Content No 4, 2016