Violence at school: measures of its prevention and control (expert opinions)

Gribanov E.V.

Voronezh Institute of the Ministry of Interior of Russia, Voronezh, Russia

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Gribanov E.V. Violence at school: measures of its prevention and control (expert opinions). Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2016. No 7. P. 77-81


The article presents results of school violence analysis carried out by means of expert opinion analysis among police officers dealing with junior offences. Author characterizes basic violence types at school as psychical, physical and sexual violence, mercenary and forcible attacks, discrimination. Basic characteristics of factors causing violence at school are revealed. Problem of latent violent attacks at school is specified. The obtained information allowed to offer practical recommendations aimed at improving preventive measures and diagnostics of school violence.

violence; school; preventive measures; offence; crime; diagnostics; victim; secondary school students; subject of preventive measures
Content No 7, 2016