Preserving traditions of Russian sociology
Maxim Kovalevsky’ Sociological Society role. A Contribution to 100th Anniversary of Its Establishing

Boronoev A.O.

Dr. Sci. (Philos.), Honorary Prof., Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Lomonosova M.V.

Cand. Sci. (Sociol.), Assoc. Prof. of the Chair of Theory and History of Sociology, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

Mironov D.V.

Cand. Sci. (Sociol.), Associate Prof., Department for Theory and History of Sociology, St.-Petersburg State University, St.-Petersburg, Russia

Skvortsov N.G.

Dr. Sci. (Sociol.), Professor in the Department of Comparative Sociology, Decan of the Faculty of Sociology, St.-Petersburg, Russia

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Boronoev A.O., Lomonosova M.V., Mironov D.V., Skvortsov N.G. Preserving traditions of Russian sociology: Maxim Kovalevsky’ Sociological Society role. A Contribution to 100th Anniversary of Its Establishing. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2016. No 11. P. 140-143


The article addresses milestones in the history of the Maxim Kovalevsky’ Sociological Society. The authors note when such a professional society had been established the processes of institutionalizing sociology in Russia became stronger and the consolidation of sociologists became real fact. Today, as shown in the article, the Society develops sociology at different levels of Russian socium, and propagation of sociological knowledge and education is emphasized as one of the important part of its activity. The authors assume that the Maxim Kovalevsky’ Sociological Society preserves today traditions launched in early 20th century Russia and contributes to the consolidation of sociologists’ professional community.

history of sociology; Russian sociology; Maxim Kovalevsky’ Sociological Society; institutionalizing of sociology in Russia
Content No 11, 2016