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Chernysh M.F.
E.O. Wright
No 1, 2019


Andrianova E.V.
On the Consequences of Reforms in Education (results of the conference Education: youth, competitiveness)
No 1, 2019


Bessonova O.E.
Civil Complaints as a Democratic Feedback Form
No 1, 2019

Bezrukova O.N.
Guidance for Foster Families or How to Decrease Risks of Secondary Abandonement
No 1, 2019

Buzgalin A.V.
Social Structure Transformation of Late Capitalism: from Proletariat and Bourgeoisie Towards Precariat and Creative Class?
No 1, 2019


Gorshkov M.K.
Trust to Knowledge under the Conditions of Social Turbulence: Risks, Vulnerabilities, Challenges to Security: Monograph. Ed. by S.A. Kravchenko. Moscow: MGIMO University, 2018. Reviewed by M.K. Gorshkov
No 1, 2019


Kliucharev G.A.
Editorial: to our readers
No 1, 2019

Korotkov P.A.
Suicide Rate and Time Use in Daily Life and Leisure
No 1, 2019

Kuzmenkov V.A.
Criminal Anomie as a Social Problem
No 1, 2019


Mihaylov V.T.
Identifications of Individual. Territorial Communities and Social Space: an Attempt of Conceptualisation
No 1, 2019


Osipova N.G.
Inequality and Uncertainty: Current Challenges for Cities
No 1, 2019


Popov ..
The Place of Sociology of Law in the Training of Future Sociologists
No 1, 2019


Sinelnikov A.B.
IX Ural Demographic Forum
No 1, 2019


Tolstova Yu.N.
On A.A. Chuprov's Contribution to Sociology and Statistics
No 1, 2019


Vasilkova V.V.
Communicative Barriers in Practices of Providing Public Services to Citizens
No 1, 2019


Yanitzky O.N.
hallenges and Risks of Globalization. Seven Theses
No 1, 2019

Yumaguzin V.V.
Assessment of the Real Rates of Homicides and Suicides in the Regions of Russia
No 1, 2019


Zadorozhnyuk I.E.
Sociological Mosaic-2018: Monograph / A.V. Dmitriev, V.N. Ivanov, Zh.T. Toshchenko; Foreword. M.K. Gorshkov. Moscow: KNORUS, 2018. 242 p. Reviewed by I.E. Zadorozhnyuk, E.G. Zadorozhnyuk
No 1, 2019

Zvonovsky V.B.
Contemporary Practices of Telephone Surveys in the World
No 1, 2019

Information for authors
No 1, 2019

No 1, 2019

Best publications 2018
No 1, 2019

In the next issues
No 1, 2019


van der de Zeeuw A.
Sociologizing with Randall Collins: an Interview about Emotions, Violence, Attention Space and Sociology
No 1, 2019

aracharovskiy V.V.
Different Goals of the Same Society
No 1, 2019


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Sociological Studies
No 10 2016

Demidenko S.Yu.
Book in brief

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