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Andreenkova A.V.
A Comparative Analysis of Popular Attitudes toward the Idea of Universal Basic Income in Russia vs Europe
No 1, 2020


Badmatsyrenov T.B.
Ostrovskaya E.A. Sociology of Religion: an Introduction. St. Petersburg: Peterburgskoe vostokovedenie, 2018. 320 p. Reviewed by T.B. Badmatsyrenov)
No 1, 2020

Boronoev A.O.
Actualizing Sociological Theory (25th Anniversary of the Problems of Theoretical Sociology Series)
No 1, 2020


Doktorov B.
A Man Who Has Done a Lot and Is Doing a Lot (Zh.T. Toshchenko is 85)
No 1, 2020


Filipova A.G.
On the Participation of Children in Resolving Issues Affecting their Interests
No 1, 2020


Kutovaya S.V.
Elderly People's Activity in Socioeconomic Sphere
No 1, 2020


Lapin N.I.
Extremal Inequalities and the Social State (part 1)
No 1, 2020

Lutskaya E.E.
May be I am Just Starting to Live: Ufa Pensioners about their Post-labour Life
No 1, 2020


Maslovskaya E.V.
Expert Knowledge Circulation in the Judicial Field: Encounters of Epistemic Cultures and Practices of Translation
No 1, 2020


Nedyak I.L.
Political Field and Zone of Power: Ideal Type Varieties and an Empirical Verification
No 1, 2020

Novokreshchenov A.V.
Nomenclature as Personnel Technology and a Mechanism of State Administration (regarding Yu.A. Nisnevichs article)
No 1, 2020


Pokida A.N.
Legal Values of the Russian Population: Priorities and Contradictions
No 1, 2020

Popov ..
Urban Issues in the Sociologists Dissertations
No 1, 2020


Romanovskiy N.V.
Zh.T. Toshchenko is 85
No 1, 2020


Sadykova G.F.
Interrelationship of Global Social Responsibility and Social Loafing (the Case of Public Servants of Turkey)
No 1, 2020

Shatkin M.A.
Transformation of Ownership and Authority in Sharing Economy
No 1, 2020

Sinyutin M.V.
About Sociology of Sports in Uzbekistan and Russia
No 1, 2020


Tikhanov A.V.
From Smart Regulation to Smart Management: Social Issue of Feedback Digitalization
No 1, 2020


Ukhanova Ju.V.
Labour Union Organizations as a Subject of Civic Participation: Vologda Oblast Case Study
No 1, 2020

Ushkin S.G.
Moral Transgression and the Meanings Making in Online Discussions
No 1, 2020


Voroncov A.V.
Paramonova S.P. Sociology of Favoritism. Perm: PNIPU, 2018. 406 p. Reviewed by A.V. Vorontsov, E.A. Okladnikova
No 1, 2020


Zyryanov V.V.
Sociological Education in Russia: Results of 30 Years
No 1, 2020

Books in brief
No 1, 2020

E.I. Kukushkina
No 1, 2020

Information for authors
No 1, 2020

No 1, 2020

Best publications 2019
No 1, 2020

In the next issues
No 1, 2020

nisimov R.I.
On Updating the Data in the Article
No 1, 2020



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