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A characterization of the situation in Asia-Pacific region (results of international expert interviews, 2005–2014)
Ruban L.S.
No 2, 2016

A comparison of sociological theorizing in Russian and US academic journals
Lissitskaya E.Yu.
No 9, 2014

A conference in Ingushetiya state University
Biyzhanova E.К., Levchenko N.V., Rogovaya А.V.
No 11, 2016

A history and directions of sociological studies in the Republic of Korea
Choi Wooik
No 2, 2015

A local group in search for identity (Izhma-Komi: dynamics of cultural transformations)
Kim Kh. Tsh., Shabayev Yu.P., Istomin K.V.
No 8, 2015

A new perspective on self-organization in social systems
Akhromeeva T.S., Мalinetskiy G.G., Posashkov S.A.
No 5, 2014

A new synthesis of scientific knowledge: the making of interdisciplinary science
Kravchenko S.A., Salygin V.I.
No 10, 2015

A study of Moscow electoral statistics (voting results)
Podlazov A.V.
No 6, 2014

A synergetic model of society organization
Pliushch А.N.
No 10, 2014

A theory of ethno-linguistic vitality: evolution and contemporary state
Vedernikova Е.М.
No 10, 2014

A «Positivist» Manifesto
Sztompka P.
No 2, 2015

A.V. Lunacharsky’s sociology of music (theoretical and methodological aspect)
Look’yanov V.G.
No 1, 2014

About a quality of scientific publications
Toshchenko Zh.T.
No 1, 2015

Academician G.V. Osipov is 85

No 6, 2014

Adolescents’ motivations to use virtual social networking sites
Gourkina О.А., Mal’tseva D.V.
No 5, 2015

Adults’ literacy as mechanism for their societal inclusion
Кuz’mina Yu.V., Popov D.S.
No 7, 2015

Afanas’iev V.V. Christian Ortodox Sociology: A textbook (Pravoslavnaya Sotsiologiya: uchebnoye posobie). M., 2015 reviewed by Shchukina N.P. (Samara State University)
Shchukina N.P.
No 10, 2015

After divorce: fathers and children
Shevchenko I.O.
No 3, 2015

After the crisis? Big data and the methodological challenges of empirical sociology
Burrows R., Savage M.
No 3, 2016

Aged people: attitude to death and tanatical worries
Еliutina М.E.
No 10, 2015

Ageing people remarriages
Bukhalova N.A.
No 3, 2014

Agreement as civilizational archetype of Russian society (The paper is published posthumously)
Dronov V.T.
No 9, 2016

All-Russian identity and interethnic accord as a reflection of the consolidation processes in Russian society
Drobizheva L.M.
No 1, 2017

Alternatives in history and history of alternatives (N. Bukharin against “barrackcommunism”)
Vodolazov G.G.
No 8, 2014

Alternatives in history and history of alternatives (N. Bukharin against «barrack communism»)
Vodolazov G.G.
No 11, 2014

An historical and methodological reconstruction of Pitirim A. Sorokin’s theory of creative altruism
Dolgov A.Yu.
No 9, 2014

An introduction to social entrepreneurship voices, preconditions, contexts/Еd. by Rafael Ziegler. MA, 2009 reviewed by А.А. Atanasova
Atanasova A.A.
No 12, 2015

Approaches to efficiency evaluation of measures towards inculcation of healthy lifestyle
Ivanova A.E.
No 11, 2015

Approaches to study international migration of high-skills specialists: mechanisms, outlook, effects
Smirnova Е.М.
No 3, 2016

Architecture and sociology in the USSR: experiences in interaction
Muleev E.Yu.
No 12, 2014

Arrow of sociological knowledge through the prism of ‘arrow of time’, or a road to their rapproachement (S.A.Kravchenko’s book “Sociological knowledge through the prism of ‘arrow of time’: demand for a humanistic turn” (“Sotsiologitcheskoye znaniye cherez prizmu ‘strely vremeni’: vostrebovannost’ gumanisticheskogo povorota”. М., 2015)
Zborovsky G.Е., Ambarova P.A.
No 9, 2016

Art community: trends of post-Soviet period (the case of Rosotv region)
Sushchiy S.Ya.
No 1, 2016

Assessing dynamics of interregional differences (European lessons)
Voronov V.V., Lavrinenko O.Ya., Stashane Ya.V.
No 1, 2014

Assessing social tensions in RF regions (Popular appeals to “United Russia” fraction)
Sukhovol’skiy V.G., Shelekhov А.М., Karpov М.А.
No 10, 2014

Assistance to families with children in Russia: an assessment of demographic efficiency
Archangelskiy V.N.
No 3, 2015

Astachova V.I.

No 4, 2015

At the intersection of science and sociological knowledge: experiences in researching a problem
Ambarova P.A., Zborovsky G.Е.
No 9, 2015

Attitude to emigration in contemporary Russian province
Vozmitel A.A., Yakovleva M.N.
No 11, 2015

Authoritarian syndrome in mothers’ child-rearing culture
Bezrukova O.N., Samoilova V.А.
No 8, 2016

Auzan A. Economics of everything. How institutes determine our life. М., 2014 reviewed by B.V. КОRNEITCHUK
Кorneitchuk B.V.
No 1, 2015

Axel Honneth – social theorist and sociologist
Kukartseva M.A.
No 4, 2014

Axiological foundations of social engineering: prospects for modernization of Russian society
Przhilenskiy V.I., Ogorodnikov A.Yu.
No 4, 2016


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Sociological Studies
No 6 2014

Podlazov A.V.
A study of Moscow electoral statistics (voting results)

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