Axiological foundations of social engineering:
prospects for modernization of Russian society

Przhilenskiy V.I.

O.E. Kutafin Moscow State Law University, Moscow, Russia

Ogorodnikov A.Yu.

O.E. Kutafin Moscow State Law University, Moscow, Russia

ID of the Article: 6143

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Przhilenskiy V.I., Ogorodnikov A.Yu. Axiological foundations of social engineering: prospects for modernization of Russian society. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2016. No 4. P. 65-74


The article analyzes the problem of the relationship of values and knowledge in the process of social engineering. Boundaries and possibilities for technological intervention in the natural functioning of the social order are considered in the context of the formation of the idea of phased modernization of society. Sociological research detected the cognitive and methodological potential model of interaction between values and knowledge suggested by G. Myrdal. Methodological issues in applying sociological knowledge to the process of development and realization of social engineering programs are considered as essential to unite values with the objective. The authors investigated the problem of preparations of a society and social engineers, managers, sociologists, experts to link values with objectified theoretical and empirical knowledge, in order to implement their programs of social technologies. On the basis of sociological research among Russian youth the social determinants are discussed that form new values’ structures and backbone models of social practices. On the basis of empirical data we state that the institutional environment is perceived as unstable, where processes completely depend on subjects of power, decisions of certain strong personalities. Conclusions of authors of article from empirical research speak of essential barriers for institutionalization of innovations and reproduction of successful sociocultural experience, of insufficient potential of social activity of modern Russian society for system transformations, innovative development and a reorganization of society. In the next five years no more than a quarter of young people will begin to join on own initiative active social designing of the Russian society. Therefore, G. Myrdal's formula does not work either in social designing, or in social engineering in general – we have no ready set of values, invariant to social determinants. Society represents communicative process where there is formation of new and critical reconstruction of the former goals and values-a fact setting opportunities and borders for social engineering.

system of values; social activity; construction of social reality; subjective social participation; social order
Content No 4, 2016