Specifics of deviation social control (as exemplified by ‘pick-up’ internet project)

Shipunova T.V.

State university, St.-Petersburg, Russia shtatspb@yandex.ru

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Shipunova T.V. Specifics of deviation social control (as exemplified by ‘pick-up’ internet project). Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2014. No 12. P. 127-136


The aim of the study is to clarify contents of social controls after deviation and role of virtual communication in shaping notions about norm/deviation. Results of an investigation into promotion of consumerist values in intimate human relations via Internet-space are offered exemplified by forms and methods of promoting (a)-social ‘Pick-up’ project. Three elements of the process are emphasized: self-presentation, presentation of product, and contents of consumerist discourse in related site. Each element is studied, describing its basic characteristics.

Internet-project; ‘pick-up’ Russian model of effective seduction; brand presentation; making of reputation; consumerist discourse; macho-ism
Content No 12, 2014