Factors and tendencies in the development of Don Cossack community

Кozlovskiy V.V.

Dr. Sci.(Philosophy), Professor and Head of Economic Sociology Department, Saint-Petersburg State University (SPSU), Director of Socilogical Insitute, Russian Academy of Science, Saint-Petersburg, Russia vvk_soc@mail.ru

Koudriakov I.O.

St.-Petersburg state university, St.-Petersburg, Russia ilia.kudryakov@mail.ru

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Кozlovskiy V.V., Koudriakov I.O. Factors and tendencies in the development of Don Cossack community. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2014. No 10. P. 45-49


Basic factors and tendencies in development of Don Cossack community are described. Facts of active penetration of Cossack representatives into power structures in the South of Russia are demonstrated as well as continued annual increases of governmental financing the Cossacks. Role and significance of Cossacks’ education are shown with regard to higher cohesion and reproduction of Cossacks as a separate social community.

Don Cossacks community; Cossack communities; social structure; development factors; sphere of activities; Cossacks education
Content No 10, 2014