Way of life of Russian free-lancers – a sociological analysis

Khartchenko S.V.

Urals State Pedagogic University, Ekaterinburg, Russia verakharchenko@yandex.ru

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Khartchenko S.V. Way of life of Russian free-lancers – a sociological analysis. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2014. No 4. P. 54-63


The paper discusses features of the lifestyles and values of Russian freelancers. Describeds are freelance as a type of non-standard employment, its features causing different types of life and lifestyles. Based on research (qualitative strategy) and secondary analysis of census (online survey) the paper indicates lifestyle peculiarities of freelancers differentiating following types: experienced freelancers, mamalansers, Hobbies-freelancers, students-freelancers and freelancers as demanded workers.

employment; freelance; freelance; freelance careers; image and style of life; typology of freelancers; values; culture of freelancing
Content No 4, 2014