Stigmatization as a means for information massification

Elsukov A.I.

Belarus State University, Minsk, Belarus

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Elsukov A.I. Stigmatization as a means for information massification. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2014. No 2. P. 3-10


The notion of stigma is discussed both in traditional (stigma as a mark on one’s body indicating criminal past or other shameful property of the individual) and in its contemporary sense. Sources of stigma are mostly persons in one’s environment, and the stigma itself operates as a part of public opinion, A special sphere of stigmatized culture appearances is the realm of academic theoretical and ideological activities where the use is spread of various tags to mark specific rival theories, currents and methodological attitudes such as “agnosticism”, “organicism” or “irrationalism” etc.

stigmatization; manifestation of social distinctness; ideological cliche
Content No 2, 2014