Sociology of Health:
from Theory to Practice (the Case of 'SMS for Mama' Communicative Program Realization)

Dmitrieva E.V.

Dr. Sci. (Sociol.), Prof. of Department of Sociology, MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia.

Frolov S.A.

Program Director, Health and Development Foundation, Moscow, Russia.

DOI: 10.31857/S013216250010025-0
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Dmitrieva E.V., Frolov S.A. Sociology of Health: from Theory to Practice (the Case of 'SMS for Mama' Communicative Program Realization). Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2020. No 7. P. 118-127


Authors examine the evolution of the Russian sociology of health, describing ongoing shift from doctor–patient focused research to more comprehensive research of communication and mass media influence on individual’s health. They refer to health promotion, communication campaigns and mobile health aimed at behavior change. Authors describe methodology and results of the first Mobile health program in Russia aimed at improving health of pregnant women and newborns. ‘SMS for Mama’ program uses new technology to deliver health messages and engage pregnant women and new mothers in healthy behaviors. The program was developed in partnership with the Russian Ministry of Health to provide essential health services to pregnant women and new moms. The intervention included and implemented supply of information related to the delivery date or date of birth through various channels including SMS, messengers like Viber, Telegram and WhatsApp, YouTube, social networks, website and mobile application. The program originally focused on SMS channel was later replaced by messengers. The authors describe the need for carefully conducted evaluation and describe such evaluation in Russia. The research has demonstrated that Mobile health channels are in high demand by audience successfully influencing behavior of the target group.

sociology of health; mobile health; communication program; effectiveness of communication channels; behavior change


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