Theoretical Humanities (manuscript). The General Metodology of the Humanities. Chapter 6 (fragments)

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Theoretical Humanities (manuscript). The General Metodology of the Humanities. Chapter 6 (fragments). Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2020. No 8. P. 130-134


From the publishers. The manuscript of book “The General Methodology of the Humanities” is stored in the personal Fund of N.I. Kareev of the Department of manuscripts (Rumyantsev Hall) in Russian State Library (RSL), Moscow. The work is reproduced from the researcher’s handwritten drafts; typewriting prepared for the set; several proofs; notes and materials for the work. Two typographical proofs of the work with N.I. Kareev’s edits, dated February 1923, have been preserved. They include paragraphs 1–180 of the first, second, and beginning of the Chapter 3. However, the full text of the work is restored by autograph – including the excerpt published below. The manuscript of N.I. Kareev is written almost “clean”. Most likely, it was intended for a typographic set. This is evidenced by the proofreading marks on the margins, the appearance of the manuscript. This is an excerpt describing N.I. Kareev’s methodological views on jurisprudence as a social discipline. N.I. Kareev saw its specificity in the “moral” component that hindered the study of jurisprudence from a dry, formal point of view. The focus is also on the interaction of Economics, law and state studies, interpreted from the perspective of the analysis of the “norm”. Paragraphs 304, 330–337 of the Chapter 6 “Theoretical Humanities” were selected for publication. For the purpose of authentic transmission of the source, the text is reproduced exactly according to the manuscript, the numbering of the manuscript sheets is given at the beginning of each subsequent sheet

Content No 8, 2020