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 A characterization of the situation in Asia-Pacific region (results of international expert interviews, 2005–2014)
Ruban L.S.
No 2, 2016

 A Comparative Analysis of Popular Attitudes toward the Idea of Universal Basic Income in Russia vs Europe
Andreenkova A.V.
No 1, 2020

 A comparison of sociological theorizing in Russian and US academic journals
Lissitskaya E.Yu.
No 9, 2014

 A conference in Ingushetiya state University
Biyzhanova E.К., Levchenko N.V., Rogovaya А.V.
No 11, 2016

 A Great Reset or a Half-Truth Dump: Will the Post-Pandemic World Become More Just?
Buzgalin A.V., Kolganov A.I.
No 8, 2021

 A history and directions of sociological studies in the Republic of Korea
Choi W.I.
No 2, 2015

 A local group in search for identity (Izhma-Komi: dynamics of cultural transformations)
Kim Kh. Tsh., Shabayev Yu.P., Istomin K.V.
No 8, 2015

 A Long Echo of 1991: Social Meaning of Country's Disaster
Semenov E.V.
No 8, 2021

 A Man Who Has Done a Lot and Is Doing a Lot (Zh.T. Toshchenko is 85)
Doktorov B.
No 1, 2020

 A new perspective on self-organization in social systems
Akhromeeva T.S., Мalinetskiy G.G., Posashkov S.A.
No 5, 2014

 A new sociological journal “Siberian Socium”
Nemirovsky V.G.
No 2, 2018

 A new synthesis of scientific knowledge: the making of interdisciplinary science
Kravchenko S.A., Salygin V.I.
No 10, 2015

 A Sampling Survey of the Terek Cossack Troops Stanitsa Mode of Life (1875–1880). (Part I)
Obraztsov I.V.
No 3, 2021

 A Sampling Survey of the Terek Cossack Troops Stanitsa Mode of Life (1875–1880). Part II
Obraztsov I.V.
No 4, 2021

 A Scholar in the mine-bield of national issues
Romanovskiy N.V.
No 10, 2017

 A study of Moscow electoral statistics (voting results)
Podlazov A.V.
No 6, 2014

 A synergetic model of society organization
Pliushch А.N.
No 10, 2014

 A theory of ethno-linguistic vitality: evolution and contemporary state
Vedernikova Е.М.
No 10, 2014

 A venture in sociological understanding of the history of Russian Empire (about the book “Russian Empire: From Traditional to Modern Society”. Saint-Petersburg, 2014–2015)
Veselov Yu.V., Кozlovskiy V.V.
No 5, 2017

 A «Positivist» Manifesto
Sztompka P.
No 2, 2015

 A. Toffler
Кaterniy I.V.
No 3, 2017

 A.G. Kharchev as Editor-In-Chief
Sheregi F.E.
No 5, 2021

 A.N. Alekseev
Doktorov B.
No 12, 2017

 A.O. Lapshin

No 9, 2021

 A.S. Kapto

No 5, 2020

 A.S. Kulagin

No 12, 2017


No 9, 2018

 A.V. Lubskiy

No 12, 2020

 A.V. Lunacharsky’s sociology of music (theoretical and methodological aspect)
Look’yanov V.G.
No 1, 2014

 A.V. Zhavoronkov is 80!

No 5, 2021

 About a quality of scientific publications
Toshchenko Zh.T.
No 1, 2015

 About factors of social and economic integration of Azerbaijan and Russia
Ibrahimova Sh.H.
No 2, 2018

 About Humanitarization of Engineering Education
Tolstoukhova I.V., Stavetskaya I.V., Vasilieva L.V.
No 9, 2018

 About Issues of Ethno-Social Development of the Russia’s Regions
Gabdrakhmanova G.F., Makarova G.I.
No 4, 2021

 About Language Policy in Latvia
Liu Juan
No 8, 2020

 About Plagiarism

No 9, 2018

 About Scientific Correctness
Smirnov P.I.
No 5, 2021

 About Sociology of Sports in Uzbekistan and Russia
Sinyutin M.V., Kolesnik N.V., Shopulatov A.N.
No 1, 2020

 About Sociology of Sports Researches in Russia and France
Adelfinsky A.S.
No 3, 2021

 About some practices of writing textbooks on sociology
Shchukina N.P.
No 5, 2018

 About studying the history of Russian social thought (to the memory of prof. A. Galaktionov)
Brazevich S.S., Mironov D.V.
No 4, 2018

About the 14th Russian School of a Young Sociologist
Volkov Yu.G.
No 11, 2021

 About the 2nd All-Russian Demographic Forum with International Participation
Ryazantsev S.V., Rostovskaya T.K.
No 2, 2021

 About the First Crimean Sociological Forum
Mastikova N.S., Sushko P.E.
No 12, 2018

 About the First Russian-Iranian Sociological Forum in Moscow
Khayrullina N.G.
No 3, 2021

 About the limitations of the materialist approach to demographic and migration policies
Dmitriyev A.V.
No 3, 2017

 About the material and financial provision of health system
Vasiliev V.P.
No 3, 2017

 About the Results of the 12th Ural Demographic Forum
Neklyudova N.P., Sekicki-Pavlenko O.O.
No 8, 2021

About the Results of the J. Harkness' Student Paper Competition
Andreenkova A.V.
No 11, 2021

 About XXI Kharchev’s Readings
Romanovskiy N.V.
No 12, 2019

 Academic Discourse of the Sociological Studies in the Texts by Its Former Head Editor
Tepavčević M.
No 7, 2019

 Academic Internet networks: a platform for scientific exchange or Instagramm for scientists? (The case of ResearchGate)
Dushina S.A., Khvatova Т.Yu., Nikolaenko G.A.
No 5, 2018

 Academic Recognition in Russian Sociology: a Study Using Reputation Surveys
Sokolov M.M.
No 3, 2021

 Academician G.V. Osipov is 85

No 6, 2014

 Access to Free Medical Assistance in Russia: State and Problems
Fadeeva Е.V.
No 4, 2020

 Accessible Environment: Social and Technological Innovations and Development Prospects
Yarskaya-Smirnova V.N., Korogodova N.P., Zaitsev D.V.
No 4, 2019

 Achievements and Losses of Post-Soviet Transformation
Latova N.V.
No 11, 2018

 Active Citizenship: Concept and its Empirical Projections (Based on the Results of Tyumen Youth Survey)
Malenkov V.V.
No 3, 2021

 Actor-Network Theory and Social Practice
Orlova I.B.
No 7, 2020

 Actual Trends of Memory: the Problem Field of “Memory Studies”
Zubanova L.B., Zyhovskaya N.L., Shub M.L.
No 2, 2021

 Actualizing Sociological Theory (25th Anniversary of the “Problems of Theoretical Sociology” Series)
Boronoev A.O., Golovin N.A., Ivanov D.V.
No 1, 2020

 Adaptation Issues of Foreign Students in Russia
Polikhina N.A., Trostyanskaya I.B.
No 11, 2020

 Addressing Parsons in Sociological Textbooks: Past Conflicts, Contemporary Readers and Their Future Gains
Mahlert B.
No 6, 2021

 Admission to universities as a factor of human resources risk in мodernizing Kuzbass мonocities

No 3, 2018

 Adolescents’ motivations to use virtual social networking sites
Gourkina О.А., Maltseva D.V.
No 5, 2015

 Adults’ literacy as mechanism for their societal inclusion
Кuz’mina Yu.V., Popov D.S.
No 7, 2015

 Afanas’iev V.V. Christian Ortodox Sociology: A textbook (Pravoslavnaya Sotsiologiya: uchebnoye posobie). M., 2015 reviewed by Shchukina N.P. (Samara State University)
Shchukina N.P.
No 10, 2015

 After divorce: fathers and children
Shevchenko I.O.
No 3, 2015

 After the crisis? Big data and the methodological challenges of empirical sociology
Burrows R., Savage M.
No 3, 2016

 Against the Backdrop of Niagara Falls, International Sociology Marches Left
Pokrovsky N.Ye.
No 2, 2019

 Aged people: attitude to death and tanatical worries
Еlutina М.E.
No 10, 2015

 Ageing people remarriages
Bukhalova N.A.
No 3, 2014

 Agency and deviance of youth
Smirnova A.N.
No 6, 2017

 Agreement as civilizational archetype of Russian society (The paper is published posthumously)
Dronov V.T.
No 9, 2016

Aksyonov V.B. (2020) Rumors, Images, Emotions. Mass Sentiment of Russians During the War and Revolution (1914-1918). Moscow: New Literary Review. Rev. by I.V. Obraztsov
Obraztsov I.V.
No 10, 2021

 All-Russian identity and interethnic accord as a reflection of the consolidation processes in Russian society
Drobizheva L.M.
No 1, 2017

 All-Russian Identity in Dagestan (2016–2019 Surveys Data)
Adiev A.Z.
No 4, 2021

 All-Russian National Identity on the Orthodox-Islamic Frontier
Ryzhova S.V.
No 8, 2020

 All-Russian National Identity: Searching for Definition and Distribution Dynamics
Drobizheva L.M.
No 8, 2020

 All-Russian Scientific and Practical Seminar in the Far Eastern Federal University
Vinokurova А.V., Аrdalyanova А.Yu.
No 7, 2019

 Alternatives in history and history of alternatives (N. Bukharin against “barrackcommunism”)
Vodolazov G.G.
No 8, 2014

 Alternatives in history and history of alternatives (N. Bukharin against «barrack communism»)
Vodolazov G.G.
No 11, 2014

 An essay on the multidimensional statistical methods to characterize the entrepreneurial context in Russian regions
Obraztsova O.I., Popovskaya E.V.
No 4, 2017

 An historical and methodological reconstruction of Pitirim A. Sorokin’s theory of creative altruism
Dolgov A.Yu.
No 9, 2014

 An introduction to social entrepreneurship voices, preconditions, contexts/Еd. by Rafael Ziegler. MA, 2009 reviewed by А.А. Atanasova
Atanasova A.A.
No 12, 2015

 Analytic material of the Information statistic division of the Political Department of the WPRA 1924–1926
Obraztsov I.V.
No 2, 2018

 Anatoly Georgievich Kharchev: Reconstructing his Biographical Course
Semenova V.V.
No 5, 2021

 And Yet It Does Exist! The 50th Anniversary of P. Bourideu’s Report “Public Opinion Does Not Exist”
Vyalykh N.А.
No 4, 2021

 Anniversary Page in the History of Public Opinion Research in the USSR
Fedotova L.N.
No 6, 2021

 Anthroposociocultural evolutionism – a metatheorеtical principle of studying human communities
Lapin N.I.
No 3, 2018

 Antonov A.I. is 85!

No 9, 2021

 Approaches to efficiency evaluation of measures towards inculcation of healthy lifestyle
Ivanova A.E.
No 11, 2015

 Approaches to study international migration of high-skills specialists: mechanisms, outlook, effects
Smirnova Е.М.
No 3, 2016

 Architecture and sociology in the USSR: experiences in interaction
Muleev E.Yu.
No 12, 2014

 Are International Stratification Scales Misrepresenting Russian Social Structure?
Sokolov M.M.
No 8, 2020

 Arkhipova A., Kirzyuk A. Dangerous Soviet Things: Urban Legends and Fears in the USSR. Moscow: New Literary Review, 2020. 536 p. Reviewed by G.S. Shirokalova
Shirokalova G.S.
No 5, 2021

Armenian Family: Between Tradition and Modernity
Poghosyan G.A.
No 10, 2021

 Arrow of sociological knowledge through the prism of ‘arrow of time’, or a road to their rapproachement (S.A.Kravchenko’s book “Sociological knowledge through the prism of ‘arrow of time’: demand for a humanistic turn” (“Sotsiologitcheskoye znaniye cherez prizmu ‘strely vremeni’: vostrebovannost’ gumanisticheskogo povorota”. М., 2015)
Zborovsky G.Е., Ambarova P.A.
No 9, 2016

 Art community: trends of post-Soviet period (the case of Rosotv region)
Sushchiy S.Ya.
No 1, 2016

 Artificiality of the «Artificial Sociality»
Tavokin E.P.
No 6, 2019

 Assessing dynamics of interregional differences (European lessons)
Voronov V.V., Lavrinenko O.Ya., Stashane Ya.V.
No 1, 2014

 Assessing social tensions in RF regions (Popular appeals to “United Russia” fraction)
Sukhovol’skiy V.G., Shelekhov А.М., Karpov М.А.
No 10, 2014

 Assessing the Relationship Between Russians’ Health Status and their Employment in the Late 2010s
Karavay A.V.
No 7, 2021

 Assessment of scientific cooperation between the scientists from Armenia and Russia within the Joint bilateral grant projects
Glukhov V.A., Gzoyan E.G., Sargsyan Sh.A.
No 7, 2017

 Assessment of the Real Rates of Homicides and Suicides in the Regions of Russia
Yumaguzin V.V., Vinnik M.V.
No 1, 2019

 Assessment of the state, the main deter minants and drug use prevention in the Krasnoyarsk territory
Shinkevich V.E., Korobitsina T.V.
No 2, 2018

 Assistance to families with children in Russia: an assessment of demographic efficiency
Archangelskiy V.N.
No 3, 2015

 Astachova V.I.

No 4, 2015

 At the intersection of science and sociological knowledge: experiences in researching a problem
Ambarova P.A., Zborovsky G.Е.
No 9, 2015

 At the Origins of the Second Birth (or Rebirth) of the Sociology of the Family
Antonov A.I.
No 5, 2021

 Atlas modernizatsii Rossii i ee regionov: sotsioekonomicheskie i sotsiokul’turnye tendentsii i problemy. Kollektivnyy nauchnyy trud (The atlas of upgrade of Russia and its regions: Socioeconomic and sociocultural tendencies and problems. Collective scientific labor). Originator and editor-in-chief, corresponding member of RAS N. I. Lapin. Center of studying sociocultural changes. Institute of philosophy of RAS. Moscow, 2016 reviewed by A. V. Tikhonov, V. V. Markin
Tikhanov A.V., Markin V.V.
No 7, 2017

 Attitude of Moscow youth to the 1917 Revolutionary events in Russia
Davydov S.G., Logunova O.S.
No 4, 2018

 Attitude of the North Caucasus republics population to religious freedom and apostates
Dzutsev K.V., Kornienko N.V.
No 1, 2018

 Attitude to emigration in contemporary Russian province
Vozmitel A.A., Yakovleva M.N.
No 11, 2015

 Attitudes to euthanasia in Russia and Germany: comparative analysis
Bogomiagkova E.S., Rogozhina E.P.
No 3, 2017

 Attutudes toward Migrants in Russia: the Role of Religiosity Level and Belonging to Denomination
Mastikova N.S.
No 4, 2020

 Augmented Modernity: Effects of Post-globalization and Post-virtualization
Ivanov D.V.
No 5, 2020

 Authoritarian syndrome in mothers’ child-rearing culture
Bezrukova O.N., Samoilova V.А.
No 8, 2016

 Authoritarian Values Persistence in the Transition to a New Social System (the Case of Montenegro)
Krivokapic N.
No 9, 2020

 Auzan A. Economics of everything. How institutes determine our life. М., 2014 reviewed by B.V. КОRNEITCHUK
Кorneitchuk B.V.
No 1, 2015

 Availability and Fairness of Health Protection for Elderly People (in Popular and Experts Assessments)
Mukharyamova L.M., Saveleva Zh.V.
No 9, 2019

 Availability of Medicines under Conditions of Medicinal Embargo
Fadeeva Е.V.
No 4, 2019

 Axel Honneth – social theorist and sociologist
Kukartseva M.A.
No 4, 2014

 Axiological foundations of social engineering: prospects for modernization of Russian society
Przhilenskiy V.I., Ogorodnikov A.Yu.
No 4, 2016

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