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 L.M. Drobizheva
Toshchenko Zh.T.
No 4, 2021

 L.N. Tolstoy and sociology (reading sources on L.N. Tolstoy’s participation in 1882 Moscow census)
Volokhova N.V.
No 6, 2015

 L.S. Rzhanitsyna

No 4, 2021

Labor and the Chronic Uncertainty of the Anthropocene
Sinyutin M.V., Gonashvili A.S.
No 7, 2021

 Labor employment and self-determination of Jewish Autonomous region population
Kutovaya S.V.
No 1, 2014

 Labor in the uncertainty epoch
Аnisimov R.I.
No 11, 2017

 Labor of XXI Century: New Challenges and Prospects
Karapetyan S.A.R., Starovoitova S.S., Gonashvili A.S.
No 9, 2018

 Labor potentialities of aged people
Smol’kin A.A.
No 5, 2014

 Labor protection and job satisfaction in small businesses
Kozina I.М., Zangieva I.К.
No 7, 2016

Labor Transformation in (De)Globalizing Society
Karapetyan R.V., Tarando E.E.
No 7, 2021

 Labour Union Organizations as a Subject of Civic Participation: Vologda Oblast Case Study
Ukhanova Ju.V.
No 1, 2020

 Language and Society. Encyclopedia. Moscow: OOO «Metatekst», 2017. 872 p. reviewed by Mukharyamov N.M., Mukharyamova L.M.
Mukharyamov N.M., Mukharyamova L.M.
No 12, 2018

 Lapin N.I. (ed.) Theory and Practice of Innovation: Textbook for Universities / N.I. Lapin, V.V. Karacharovsky. 2nd ed. Moscow: Yurayt, 2019. Rev. by A.V. Tikhonov
Tikhanov A.V.
No 4, 2020

 Large Families Models in Modern Russian Society: the Results of Narrative Interviews
Kostina S.N., Zaitseva E.V.
No 3, 2021

 Latent functions of international educational rankings
Carimova A.B.
No 6, 2016

 Latent ramifications of recruitment cuts in military universities
Perednia D.G.
No 4, 2014

 Latent technologies of information wars and double standards
Adamyants T.Z.
No 12, 2016

 Law and the state of law in post-socialist Russia: condition and development outlook
Lapaeva V.V.
No 7, 2016

 Learn and Live
Kliucharev G.A.
No 8, 2019

 Learning youth economic socialization: a regional study
Vasilieva E.N., Gulyaikhin V.N.
No 8, 2014

 Left-Liberal Discourse: Theory and Practice of Betrayal
Fishman L.G.
No 7, 2018

 Legacy, which time has come. M. A. Lifshits (1905-1983)
Sokolov A. S.
No 2, 2014

 Legal and sociological mechanism of conflict regulation in the rural community of China
Zhang Tsue
No 6, 2014

 Legal Interpreters in the Investigation of Criminal Cases: Types of Professional Behavior and Social Practices
Maslovskaya E.V.
No 2, 2021

 Legal Values of the Russian Population: Priorities and Contradictions
Pokida A.N., Zybunovskaya N.V.
No 1, 2020

 Legalization of Same-sex Marriages: Social-civilizational Consequences
Shchelkin A.G.
No 11, 2019

 Legislation on abortion: world trends and national interests
Zhukov V.I.
No 3, 2018

 Leisure Practices of Russian Employees as a Factor of Their Human Potential Formation
Latova N.V.
No 11, 2019

 Lenin about Sociаl Creativity, Classes, Revolution, and Reforms
Buzgalin A.V., Kolganov A.I.
No 4, 2020

 Lenin’s Heritage: ‘Water of Life’ and ‘Water of Death’
Vodolazov G.G.
No 4, 2020

 Lenin’s Notion of Class as a Case of Political Conceptualization
Chernysh M.F.
No 4, 2020

 Lenin’s Social Philosophic Hеritage and Destiny of Sociology in the USSR (in the 1920s)
Kononov I.F
No 4, 2020

 Letter to editors

No 1, 2018

 Letter to editors

No 4, 2019

 Letter to editors
Demidenko S.Yu.
No 10, 2020

 Life conditions for families with newborn children and factors of health formation in childhood
Shabunova A.A., Kondakova N.A.
No 3, 2017

 Life goals and professional preferences of older adolescents
Selivanova Z.K.
No 5, 2017

 Life in the uncertainty of a crisis society: experience and expectations
Kozyreva P. M., Smirnov A.I.
No 6, 2018

 Life strategies of Russia’s Germans
Shabayev Yu.P., Goncharov I.А., Sadokhin A.P.
No 1, 2016

 Life Success and Chances for Its Achievement in the Representations of the Russian Province Inhabitants
Reutov Е.V., Reutova M.N., Shavyrina I.V.
No 6, 2020

 Life success in the young people’s views in Russia
Мarshak А.L., Rozhkova L.V.
No 8, 2015

 Life world and its meanings
Toshchenko Zh.T.
No 1, 2016

 Life world of technical and humanitarian intelligentsia: common traits and specifics
Tsapko M.S., Tsybikova D.G.
No 9, 2015

 Lingvo-temporal Analysis of Inaugural Speeches of the USA and Russia Heads of States
Zubanova L.B., Zyhovskaya N.L., Shub M.L.
No 4, 2019

 Link of the Value Attitudes with Career Achievements (Based on a Survey of Youth)
Bykov A.V., Nastina E.A.
No 8, 2020

 Literary community in contemporary Russian city (the case of Rostov-Don)
Sushchiy S.Ya.
No 2, 2014

 Ljubljana school of network analysis: notes of a sociologist
Maltseva D.V.
No 5, 2018

 Lobbying: how to turn evil into good
Arutiunian A.S.
No 5, 2016

 Local Self-Government as an Object of Analysis in Russian Sociology of the Last Third of XX – Early XXI Century
Мaykova E.Yu., Simonova E.V.
No 12, 2018

 Loneliness: Age Features
Kozyreva P. M., Smirnov A.I.
No 9, 2020

 Losses of the Russian Army during Counter-terrorist Operation in North Caucasus (1999–2012): a Socio-demographic Analysis
Sushchiy S.Ya.
No 4, 2019

 Lubskiy A.V. Methodology of Regional Studies: tutorial. Moscow: INFRA-M, 2019. 223 p. Reviewed by V.V. Markin)
Markin V.V.
No 9, 2019

 Lukov V.A.

No 8, 2020

 Lukov V.A. is 70!
Коvаlеvа А.I.
No 7, 2018

 Lukov Val.A. Teorii molodizhi: mezhdistsiplinarnyiy analiz (Theories of Youth: interdisciplinary analysis). M., 2012 reviewed by Коvаlеvа А.I., Lеvichеvа V.F.
Коvаlеvа А.I., Lеvichеvа V.F.
No 4, 2014


Introducing an article

Sociological Studies
8 2018

Smirnov A.M.
Growing male prostitution in Russia as a social problem

  The article text.


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